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Calvary Security Services offers a wide range of security services.

Residential Security
Commercial Security
CCTV Security

The best choice of security for your business or home.

We offer total security solutions, install, maintain and monitors electronic systems like intruder and surveillance systems. We provide an advanced armed response service through a network monitoring and dispatch centres to ensure a fast professional and effective service is offered 24hrs a day.

Calvary Security Services was established and registered in 2002 which is a division formed by member and personnel with vast background skill and knowledge in security who performed such duties as former employee and as well as being part of it’s own individual business or community structure, It’s success depends entirely on each member and it is an example of empowerment.

The aim of Calvary Security Services is to be reputable and successful suppliers of services in security division; our mission statement is service excellence as far as it concerned. We pride ourselves in providing average services, with us professionalism is a way of life rather than a norm governing us. Establishing more clientele base thus creating more employment to the unemployed people.



To provide security related services that will be a bench mark for the industry thus ensuring developed symbolic and mutual relationships throughout South Africa and the region.

To play meaningful role in contributing to the wealth of the country by supplying good quality products and services, exposing a number of youth in to the practical skills training.



The primary purpose of this project is divided into two namely:

Established the most viable and cost effective ways of advertising and promoting business ensuring that profitability and market share increase proportionally.

Provide gainful employment for suitable candidates in the area and so doing add to the enlistment of the community.


The aim of Calvary Security Services is to be reputable and successful suppliers of services in security division; our mission statement is service excellence as far as it concerned. We proud ourselves in providing average services, with us professionalism is a way of life rather than a norm governing us. Establishing more clientele base thus creating more employment to the unemployed people. We will ensure complete customer satisfaction with excellent services and value for many. We are committed to support staff to use personal initiative to improve the quality and profitability of their operations, while observing company policies. We will continue to increase profitability every year in order to encourage investment to improve and expand the business. We will continually ensure effective communication at all levels. We will recognize the business process through technology.

What we do

Top security services tailored for you!


CCTV Installation & Off Site Monitoring


Alarm System Installation


Access Control Installation


Gate Automation


Electric Fence Installation

More of our services

We offer total security solutions, install, maintain and monitors electronic systems like intruder and surveillance systems.

  • 24 Hour Supervision
  • Gate Guards
  • Special events security management
  • Guard Monitoring Systems
  • Dedicated security vehicles
  • Two way radio communication
  • Management Support at all Levels
  • Management Visits as required
  • Fully branded and equipped Motor vehicles
  • Motor bikes & quad bikes
  • Fully trained dogs & Horses
  • Security scanners
  • CCTV monitoring system
  • Security books & stationary
  • Tactical gear
  • Spray guns


We are fully equipped with a 24 hour control room. All our two-way radio communication pass through control room. Our control room is equipped with base stations, landline, computers, mobile phones, monitoring camera and operated by fully qualified and experienced security offers.

Our motor vehicles fully equipped with two-way radio communication system, tracker and GPS systems operated by a fully armed security officers.


We provide security for special events which include:

● Rallies; crowd control & management ● Intelligence surveillance & situational control ● Conferences; controlled access & VIP detection & monitoring
● Sports; crowd management & controlled access● Concerts ● Sporting Events ● Launches ● Conferences ● Exhibitions ● Public Meetings


Market differentiators that drive Calvary Security Services apart from other security companies, include, but are not limited to:

Our knowledge built through experience, enabling us to interpret and transform information into the final solution.

When it comes to the realistic development of new ideas, our innovative ideas and experience are in the forefront of the market place.

Our commitment to never compromise on quality, client requirements or details.

Our approach is to tailor makes unique and exciting solution to meet our client needs.


As a whole, the security industry in South Africa has approximately 5500 registered security companies. Calvary Security Services is rated one of the top security companies within the country, with both a national foot print and diversity of services unparallel. This profile provides Calvary Security Services with a competitive edge enabling the provision of a top quality integrated security solutions. Our expertise is significant and varied, allowing Calvary Security Services to be competitive at the top and to the market, with our service focus directed at the following specialized market segment.



VIP Protection

Corporate Protection





This philosophy of the group is to analyze the needs of a client prior to quotation. Experience has shown that there is an absolute need to analyse pure risks by clients and formulate management programs to manage those risks. Analysis is the foundation on which man power and electronic systems are engaged to manage the risk committing funs to security without full disclosure of the extent of risk and consequent risk management team is able to formulate such plans.


The people of South Africa have given an over-whelming mandate to consolidate democracy and change. Preferences of Calvary Security Service have been pro-active in discharging its empowerment responsibility. Approximately 90 previous disadvantaged individuals including the mine-workers hold the group share capital, Investment Company (Pty) Ltd Calvary security group as a leading Security Service company embraces the economic imperative of the county’s democracy. This led the establishment of Calvary Security to this extent believe that we adhere to four cornerstones that underpin true and meaningful empowerment namely: Empowerment through equity participation (it is not only partners who have equity but they are involved in day to day management) Empowerment through sub-contracting

Empowerment through sustainable and affirmative action programmed underpinned by:


Transferring skills

Monitoring program


The Calvary Security Service has standardized uniform policy but hold flexible approach to individual of client’s preferences. Uniform policy satisfies the need for :

Espri de corpose:

Calvary Security’s personnel can be identified by its own culture and provide a sense of belonging sense of pride. Calvary Security’s personnel have a sense of pride throughout common identify and belonging, which is an important part of discipline. All security personnel are identifiable through a displayed badge on the uniform or logo and PSIRA Card.


The company adheres to the following minimum practices:


No criminal record

Well spoken

Fully bilingual

PSIRA registered



All security personnel are screened and must be in possession of a valid security industry requestor authority certificate, while we do not claim supremely in service provision, we certainly provide reliable and defender security service to all sectors of business properties and foreign tourist visiting South Africa.



We offer Armed & Unarmed Security Services, we also do V.I.P protection. We guard with dogs & dog handlers. All Security Officers are vectored and criminal checks are done on each officer prior to full engagement. Our Security Officers go for training for customer care service at least twice a year. First Aid training is provided to all shift leaders. Calvary Security offers Commercial service, Corporate, Industrial and we offer CCTV surveillance which includes off site monitoring. 


The management of Calvary Security commits them to meet the requirements of all the customers.

“OUR GOAL IS TO PROTECT WITHOUT FEAR” This is achieved through the implementations of quality management system to the standard of MSA ISO 9001 – 2015 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 – 2015 (Environmental Management Systems) & ISO 18001 – 2008 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems)

The system reviewed on a regular basis ensure that: 

The procedure routines and standard are effective. The process continuously improves to meet the changing needs of customers. They are adequately regularly monitoring that procedures are followed in order to meet customer’s needs.


Calvary Security Service is registered with PSIRA (NO.2553165), as well as being in touch with various providers, both locally and internationally.


We have acquired specialist skills in supplying retails entities with trained guards that put a huge dent or even eliminate pilferage. Our goal is to ensure that retailers focus on what they are best in, retailing, without having to worry about security.

We offer the best course for managerial or supervisory of a staff with the responsibility of ensuring that the business moves in the right direction. In the day where cash become a nightmare of the security industry, our guards have been specifically trained to deal with heist challenge effectively. We have sent them to specialized training courses, which save to boost their expertise and vigilance. In such instance, we only allocate the best to zero tolerance from criminals whilst operating within the law of the land.


We make sure the client is not short changed by strictly engaging modern technology to monitor our Security Officers, beside the two way radios they also carry with them a smart locator device which operates in a form of GPS on real time. Our Controller can navigate at any time and locate the Security Officer’s position by phoning the device and it pops up on the specially allocated smart phone in the control room.

Vice versa the Officer can as well press the SOS button provided to seek for help and back up from the controller should he be in a position where he seeks for help of any sort. Alternatively we also use the Active Track which serves the same purpose the difference being that the smart tracker the Officer can directly contact the controller and report as if he is using a phone whereas the Active Track does not have. Active Track is cost effective and can produce clear reports and easy to manage and has local back up maintainace system.


Calvary Security Service strongly believes that operational excellence can only be achieved through discipline and high moral among all personnel. We emphasize benefit in order for our personnel to be fully prepared both physically and mentally with maximum concentration and high standard of our house personnel training.  Offering market competitive salary and wage structure

Statutory Complaint (DOL)

Overtime payments(industry stipulated)

Paid annual leave

 Basic Condition of Employment Act (DOL) & PSIRA

Group Funeral Scheme



Sectorial Determination / Private Security Sector

Short-term staff leaves

Market related benefits PSSPF (Provident-fund)